Balanced Nutrition and Pilates

Why weight can increase after training
Some people who live by the rules of healthy eating, the correct regimen and rest, go in for sports, attend gyms, and go to fitness. At first glance, a feeling…

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A Guide for the Beginner Pilates Trainer
A healthy lifestyle, self-development are concepts that have closely entered our lives. The profession of a Pilates teacher becomes more and more popular. No wonder, because it combines a lot…

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We set the bar high and stick to it
Topics that will be offered to students on August 13-14 in Riga are in demand and are required to study under the International Pilates University Fitness4you program. Pilates is not…

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Pilates: The Art of Teaching Methods

To train someone is a big responsibility, and to train mentors is a double responsibility, this is an exam for you personally, a kind of test for what you really know.

When we receive a certificate for the first time after long courses, studies and exams, this feeling is incomparable. We rejoice, feel omnipotent – of course, because we deserve it, it was hard work and we have something to be proud of.

Very often I hear the following – “that’s it, now I can educate others, I am entitled to honor and increase salaries, because I have a certificate!” I am happy for these people, but I can’t help but think at that moment – “yes, now you are finally ready to start.” Continue reading

New Pilates at 70

Every year, the approach to Pilates changes for those who follow the system. The work of young people is very different from the work of a mature person, and that of a mature person is different from the elderly. Changes in the work are noticeable, even if you look back just a year ago. And if you remember yourself 10 years younger than that, the difference in approach will be enormous. We put too much effort when we are young. We are fixated on muscle strength, on the effectiveness of execution, we are trying to set goals and achieve them, to prove something to ourselves and others. All this is natural and necessary. All stages of life must be accepted and lived. You can not throw and jump over something on the path of its formation and development. We learn from our teacher or teachers and try to follow their example when we start teaching ourselves. All this has been going on for some time. Until what you have learned from them grows within you.

I went through this more than once. Six and a half years of work with Joseph and Clara, 7 years with Bob Sid, 7 years with Romana, 7 years with Katie Grant, 5 years with Bruce King and at the same time 7 years with Jean Claude West (he studied Pilates in a studio in Northampton, where I taught for 27 years), and since 1995 with Continue reading

Spine Corrector

I am always very surprised when I visit the newly opened Pilates studio, which has the latest equipment in the world, but there is not a single spinal corrector. Once I was even invited to conduct a class on a spinal corrector, and when I entered the hall, it turned out that I would use Bosu or FitBall as a corrector. Of course, each equipment has its own purpose, but none can replace the corrector. Joseph Pilates created not only equipment, also known today as a small barrel or a barrel with a step, but also a set of special exercises for it. The archive contains drawings of this undoubtedly brilliant invention, as well as photos in which J. Pilates performs exercises on the corrector, and all this in 1945. Continue reading

Do not leave varicose veins without attention

Varicose veins are a common female problem. If you want your legs to look great and your health not to be in danger, take care of the health of your veins. The right way of life and timely contact to a specialist will help to eliminate the problem.

Doctors note that varicose veins have recently become significantly younger. If earlier it was believed that this is a problem for women after 40 years, now this disease is found in 20-year-olds and even in adolescents. Wearing high heels, a sedentary lifestyle, sitting for many hours or standing in the workplace – all these factors negatively affect the veins of your legs. Nevertheless, in some women, even at the age of 50, their legs may be without a single visible vein, while in others, at 30 they are mottled with a vascular network. The fact is that the Continue reading

Value of life

This deficit can be not only a subjectively felt need, but also an attitude towards life, which, ultimately, can lead to burnout.

How do I understand my life? Based on this, I can develop my goals according to which I live. These settings can be from parents, or a person develops them in himself. For example: I want to achieve something. Or: I want to have three children. Become a psychologist, doctor or politician. Thus, a person for himself outlines goals that he wants to follow.

This is completely normal. Which of us has no goals in life? But if goals become the content of life, if they Continue reading

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Why weight can increase after training
Some people who live by the rules of healthy eating, the correct regimen and rest, go in for sports, attend gyms, and go to fitness. At first glance, a feeling…


“The structure meets the function” Leopold Buske.
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