Zumba lessons are hot dance exercises that harmoniously combine movements from club latin, which includes bachata, salsa, samba, meringue and other directions. The zumba dance is quite young - it…

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How to choose clothes and shoes for Pilates
The well-known fitness technique developed by Joseph Pilates combined elements from ballet, yoga and isometric exercises. On the crest of the wave of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and…

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Types of dance aerobics
Aerobics classes are a great way to quickly achieve an attractive figure and lose weight. Many clubs that have fitness aerobics combine standard sports programs with popular dance styles, which…

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Caution! Baron Munchausen’s Syndrome in Pilates!

“Contrology is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. J.H. Pilates

This quote is the essence of the method, the meaning of practice. A harmoniously developed person is harmonious in everything: his body is healthy, his mind is calm, his thoughts are pure. We are all not perfect and everyone is faced with lessons that will have to be passed. Contrology (Pilates) is one of the ways that helps to take lessons with the least damage to oneself and others, and with a competent approach and with benefit. Staying in harmony does not happen once and for all, rather it is a condition in which the majority dwells sporadically. Well, if you can not “fly” out of it far and for long. This skill determines the skill level of a practitioner.

Ethics – as an indicator of the state of mind.

Even if our clients do not expect to see in their instructor a role model in all aspects of life, this does not mean that we Continue reading

Roll Up – Twisting the Spine

In twisting the spine, flexion of the spine with stabilization of the center is combined with muscle control to build the spine and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Step 1
Place your palms in the pockets of the CORE Band. Lie on the mat, straighten your legs, hands on the floor behind the head. Press each vertebra to the floor. Raise your hands a few centimeters above the floor, stretching the tape. Inhale and raise your hands to the ceiling, using the muscles of the upper back and covering the front of the chest. While exhaling, nod your head, raise your neck and shoulders above the floor and continue twisting, slowly and with control. Pull the stomach to the spine and continue to move along the rim of the wheel, raising the body. Continue reading

Interview with Disciple Educator of Lolita’s Legacy ™ by Ekaterina Smirnova

Ekaterina, in 2014 you received the status of the official Disciple Educators of Lolita’s Legacy ™. Ms. Lolita San Miguel has granted you the honorary right to teach and conduct certification in Eastern Europe for the Lolita’s Legacy training program. Many potential program participants are interested in the question, what path have you taken under the leadership of Elder Pilates to become the only second-generation teacher, Disciple Educator Lolita’s Legacy in Eastern Europe? How does it feel to be a student of the legendary Lolita?

Being a student of Lolita San Miguel is not only a great honor, but also a responsibility. When I went to study with her, I did not fully realize how global her impact on me would be. In addition to the knowledge gained (this was the main motive to learn from Lolita), I received a status that I must comply with because everything connected with the signature of Ms. Lolita San Miguel is a sign of the highest quality.
In order, I first took a two-year PMMP (Pilates Master Mentor Program) course. This is a training program for education professionals. Lolita does not teach Pilates here. Carefully selected program participants must already have a good command of the method, have a Diploma of the School recognized by it, and meet a number of criteria. This is a Continue reading

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Post-Travel Stress Exercise
1. Breathing lying on your back. Relax while lying on the floor. If necessary, lay a rolled towel under your head. Exhale. Start taking a calm breath in 8 counts.…


Burnout stages
Freudenberger created a scale consisting of 12 stages of burnout. The first step still looks very harmless: At first, patients with burnout have an obsessive desire to affirm themselves (“I…


Exercises for abdominal muscles
Keeping the position described above, feel the muscles of the pelvic floor. Inhale, relax the lower abdomen, exhale pull the lower abdomen to the spine, as if fastening tight jeans.…


Pilates teacher recommendations
Pilates teacher recommendations for studio clients. The first lesson in any kind of activity is always exciting. Teachers usually know where they will start with any client. They are taught…