Balanced Nutrition and Pilates

Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement?
Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement? Pilates, Pilates with balls, Pilates on Reformers, Pilates for a healthy back, Pilates for athletes and what other Pilates you…

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Gym Activities
The gym attracts many, both beginners and professional athletes. As a rule, people starting to practice want to immediately see the result of their work. But, as practice shows, the…

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Spine Corrector
I am always very surprised when I visit the newly opened Pilates studio, which has the latest equipment in the world, but there is not a single spinal corrector. Once…

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We often hear talk about the need to breathe properly, because breathing is the first action in life and the last, we know that breathing begins and ends our life. But at the same time, we do not think about its quality. We do not know how a person’s breathing occurs, we cannot teach our children to breathe correctly, we don’t know whether everything is in order with our personal breathing, whether we use it wisely or just interfere with the natural process in the best way that nature has laid down.

Unfortunately, most of us do not breathe properly. For many reasons.

We lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not create conditions for breathing “full breasts.” We rarely visit Continue reading


No – if your goal:

– the podium of the championship in bodybuilding and fitness or other similar competitions;
– significant muscle volume, targeted study of large, superficial muscle groups;
– losing weight in a short time;
– an active, fast pace of training, a feeling of exhaustion after class (for many, this is really an important point, allowing you to feel that you have “plowed” to the result).

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Sports clubs for everyone

Exercising gives not only a good and attractive figure, but also good health, immunity, and this is especially true for large cities. Now fitness club can be found in any area – near work or near home. Sports clubs of the city are able to satisfy every taste, providing your choice with many different sports destinations.

How to choose a sports club?
Choosing a sports club When choosing a sports hall, it is important to decide on the purpose of visiting, comfortable time and location. A network of fitness clubs in some cases may allow you to purchase one common subscription to visit the gyms of various clubs in the network. This is very convenient if the Continue reading

Fitness club classes

To achieve good and stable results, it is recommended to perform exercises regularly, at least once or twice a week. It is difficult to expect a quick disposal of extra pounds if fitness classes are held once or twice a month, when it is remembered that it was already nice to do something useful for the body. If you seriously decide to take care of your health and figure, most likely you will need an individual trainer. With it, you will be selected a special training program.

Features of training in sports centers
Fitness club classes can also take place in special groups, if this is recommended by the training program. As a rule, group exercises are characteristic for aerobics and various dance styles. Children’s sports classes in most cases are held with a certain number of visitors – so classes are not only effective, but also fun and pleasant for the child. An experienced children’s sports instructor will select the exercises that are right for your child and give you a sincere love for sports.

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9 myths about Pilates

Pilates is for women only.
Pilates was originally created by a man (Joseph Pilates) for men. Pilates himself was a boxer and circus artist, he trained Scotland Yard and the Hamburg Military Police, teaching them self-defense and physical education before moving to New York in 1926. His studio was not far from NewYorkCityBallet, so many dancers came to him for rehabilitation after injuries, and to prevent them. Today, Pilates programs are more popular among women than men, but many sports teams include Pilates exercises in their training system. By clicking on the link, you can read the story of modern men who practice Pilates, also successfully engaged in bodybuilding and triathlon.
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Fascinating Pilates: the benefits of classes and possible contraindications
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