Balanced Nutrition and Pilates

We often hear talk about the need to breathe properly, because breathing is the first action in life and the last, we know that breathing begins and ends our life.…

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Pilates: The Art of Teaching Methods
To train someone is a big responsibility, and to train mentors is a double responsibility, this is an exam for you personally, a kind of test for what you really…

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We often hear talk about the need to breathe properly, because breathing is the first action in life and the last, we know that breathing begins and ends our life.…

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Causes of burnout

Speaking about the reasons, in general, three areas are distinguished. This is an individual psychological area when a person has a strong desire to surrender to this stress. The second sphere – socio-psychological or social – is pressure from the outside: various fashion trends, some kind of social norms, requirements at work, the spirit of the times. For example, it is believed that every year you need to go on a trip and if I can’t do this, then I don’t correspond to the people living at this time with their lifestyle. This pressure can be carried out in a latent form, and it can result in burnout.

More dramatic requirements are, for example, the requirements of extended working hours. Today, a person processes and does not receive payment for this, and if he does not, he is fired. Permanent refining is the inherent cost of the capitalist era in which Austria, Germany and, probably, Russia also live. Continue reading

Burnout stages

Freudenberger created a scale consisting of 12 stages of burnout. The first step still looks very harmless:

At first, patients with burnout have an obsessive desire to affirm themselves (“I can do something”), maybe even in competition with others.
Then begins a careless attitude to their own needs. A person no longer devotes free time to himself, he plays sports less, he has less time for people, for himself, he talks less with someone.
At the next stage, a person does not have time to resolve conflicts – and therefore he displaces them, and later even ceases to perceive them. He does not see that there are any problems at work, at home, with Continue reading

Pilates using a Stretch-eze

Stretch-eze® is the invention of a Pilates teacher from the United States, a former professional dancer, Kimberly Dye, who was praised in 2007 for fitness and travel products. Stretch-eze® is an excellent equipment, the use of which helps the body to feel the movement in volume.
Today’s reality is that stress relief is an important component of work in any form of physical activity, which is based on health and functionality.

Pilates is a self-contained technique that does not need innovations, however, the pace of modern life often leads to the use of the Pilates method as just another type of fitness, which is much less than this wonderful system actually carries. The routine performance of the repertoire or its inept use, often leads to enslavement, instead of freedom, stiffness and fixation instead of stability, tightness and overload instead of grace. The Pilates program using Stretch-eze® allows you to restore the sometimes lost volume to the familiar Pilates exercises, thereby increasing the healing effect on the body, relieving Continue reading

Caution! Baron Munchausen’s Syndrome in Pilates!

“Contrology is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. J.H. Pilates

This quote is the essence of the method, the meaning of practice. A harmoniously developed person is harmonious in everything: his body is healthy, his mind is calm, his thoughts are pure. We are all not perfect and everyone is faced with lessons that will have to be passed. Contrology (Pilates) is one of the ways that helps to take lessons with the least damage to oneself and others, and with a competent approach and with benefit. Staying in harmony does not happen once and for all, rather it is a condition in which the majority dwells sporadically. Well, if you can not “fly” out of it far and for long. This skill determines the skill level of a practitioner.

Ethics – as an indicator of the state of mind.

Even if our clients do not expect to see in their instructor a role model in all aspects of life, this does not mean that we Continue reading

Joseph Clara Pilates Studio today

New York, 8th Avenue and 56th Street, an old low-rise building surrounded by skyscrapers, noisy cafes where cigars are still manually twisted in the neighborhood. Central Park is within easy reach. Life is in full swing, people pass by, not paying attention to an old house, where windows are comfortably burning, and dancers, opera singers and other artists gather in spacious halls. You will not even find signs at the entrance. Not a single word, sign or hint about what happened here half a century ago. This is what the studio looks like today, where Joseph developed his method, taught people to him, and they transmitted and pass on knowledge to future generations.

Every day people come here from different parts of the world, for whom crossing the threshold of this building means so much. These people, Pilates teachers, have come a long way just to touch the railing of the stairs that Joe went up to his studio to breathe in the air of this place. Here, on the second floor, was the studio of Joe and Clara, their modest living room. Bruce King and Hannah Sakimirda huddled in the neighborhood. Life and work were an inseparable whole for these people. There was a special world, with its own rules and regulations. This place remembers all the Pilates Elders, all of Joe’s clients, including many celebrities. This place retains the spirit of those Continue reading

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