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A Guide for the Beginner Pilates Trainer

A healthy lifestyle, self-development are concepts that have closely entered our lives. The profession of a Pilates teacher becomes more and more popular. No wonder, because it combines a lot of positive qualities.

My activity for about 10 years has been related to the training of professionals in the craft, called the teaching of Pilates. I often have to deal with people who have just started their career in the profession and answer questions related to choosing a School, topic, seminar, building a curriculum taking into account all components – from financial capabilities to the time frame.

So! Why should you start to study the profession of “Pilates teacher”?

1. Become a customer.

There is no more organic way to learn a profession than to fall in love with a method as a client!
Teaching the method is a great pleasure, but also a huge responsibility. First of all, in front of you.
If you enjoy what you are doing, then you will definitely be happy in the profession.
Make a plan for the next few months, which will include visits to various Pilates studios in your city. Go to classes with different specialists, but not once (only if it is immediately clear that you do not like this particular person). So you can see more faces, decide on a style that you like.

2. Study the history of the method.

All popular leads to the fact that you have to choose from a wide range of offers. So it is in Pilates. The boom has led the market to replete with offers to train you as soon as possible and as profitable as possible.
To avoid having to make a blind choice, first study the history of the Method. This will provide an opportunity to understand the value of all the offers on the market. Pilates is the name of the creator of the method, who lived not so long ago, so that it was impossible to trace the connection of schools with the original source.
Joseph Pilates had students who continued his work. They also have students …
Following the succession, you can get an idea of ​​how one or another company is experienced in the issue of training professionals.
Even if you want to become an “experimental group”, then at least, having read about the history of the method, make your choice consciously. Well, if you are closer to the “well-tested path”, then there is also where to go to study.
In addition to being able to navigate the service market, knowing the history will help you fall in love with the method even more, better understand its philosophy and treat your work with respect.

List of recommended literature:
1. “Return to life through Pilates Control”
2. Your health
3. The magazine “keys to history”
4. LSP

I recalled a comic case!
Not so many years ago, at one of the conventions, a famous teacher of the method, Michael King noticed a strange lady of about 40 years old, heading towards him with open arms and a sacramental phrase:
“How glad I am, how glad I am to meet you! We are both students of Joseph Pilates, although we have never met before. ”
It just so happened that Michael knows the history of the method and the date of death of Joseph Pilates – October 9, 1967. In addition, although he was a representative of the older generation of teachers at that event, he clearly remembered that he had never met Joe.
The answer of Michael, who had already fettered the lady in his arms, sounded something like this: “You just look great for a person at such a venerable age. It must be Pilates really working! ”
Unfortunately, the lady could not even appreciate the subtlety of the joke. The poor thing did not know that Joe was already about half a century, if not with us.

3. Choose School!

Pilates teaching is a profession. Any profession requires a systematic approach to education. That is why the choice of the School matters.
There is not one school. Each of them is good in its own way.
In order to decide where to go it is very important:

4. Choose a person to learn from.

Take an interest in his level of training, do not hesitate to clarify where he studied and check if such an organization exists? In most cases, schools represent their teachers on the company’s website. But even if not, you can call, write, make inquiries about who you will study in the very school that this person represents.
The charisma of the teacher should be supported by the experience and specific skills of training professionals. Diplomas of the Conventions and the availability of Diplomas of graduation from even several schools – this is not a guarantee of the availability of such skills. Teaching clients is not the same as educating professionals.

Try to avoid the situation, as in a bearded joke:
– Where do you get the money?
– In the nightstand!
– And who puts them there?
– My wife!
“Where does she get the money?”
– In the nightstand?
If the teacher studied on his own, then this is his own method. And if he studied with many and created his school on the basis of collective experience, would it be nice to understand who these many are and what are the results of those whom your potential teacher has already trained?

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