Pilates exercises - is the alignment of the whole body
The basis of this principle is the optimal distribution of loads on the musculoskeletal system (OA) under the influence of gravity. With the optimal position of the ODE, the joints…

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Spine Corrector
I am always very surprised when I visit the newly opened Pilates studio, which has the latest equipment in the world, but there is not a single spinal corrector. Once…

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“The structure meets the function” Leopold Buske.
Can changing a function change the structure? Everything is possible if you set a goal and follow it. Having received a specific global task, all structures and processes are instantly…

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We set the bar high and stick to it

Topics that will be offered to students on August 13-14 in Riga are in demand and are required to study under the International Pilates University Fitness4you program. Pilates is not just gymnastics, but a profound method of transforming a human being at all levels, so he needs a systematic study. We offer a program that allows you to raise a high-level professional according to the standards that already exist in the world. High-quality education is gaining special value today, when the practice of transformation is highly demanded by society. We can offer high quality teaching and promote a systematic approach. This is the philosophy of our educational institution, which I have the honor to represent.

Selected topics will be an opportunity to present a full program of training professionals in the Baltic States, in addition, they are absolutely practical. Their study is of great importance in the training of specialists, since the application of the Pilates Method in practice requires a teacher to be well prepared: knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, history of the method, possession of the repertoire of exercises, knowledge of all studio apparatuses and the skill of their systemic application, ability not only to demonstrate intelligently, but also to correctly convey information to clients, to have an idea of ​​the psychological characteristics of different categories of the population with which to work. Indeed, the range of application of the Pilates Method is very wide – from rehabilitation of joints after injuries to training athletes of the highest level, the Method shows excellent results in working with children, in a fitness environment, in working with older people, etc. Each category has not only its own psychological characteristics, but completely different physical needs. All this, according to our plan, should be able to offer customers a specialist who has undergone full training for our program.
We set the bar high and stick to it. Therefore, our students are always in great demand, they are happy to be invited to work.

How wide is the geography of training for International Pilates University Fitness4you?
Today I can say with confidence that the program has already gained popularity in the vast countries of the former USSR. Representatives of not only different cities of Ukraine, but also residents of the Baltic countries, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, and Poland come to study with us. The list is constantly updated. Carrying out programs in different countries is also one of the areas of my activity. I travel constantly, coming with the Blocks of the program to different countries, including outside the former USSR (Switzerland, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, Finland, USA). I am coming to Riga to teach for the first time.

How practical are the topics that we will introduce in Riga? Will it be only a superficial acquaintance, or will our specialists be able to practically apply the acquired knowledge now?
Pilates is an absolutely applied business. All program blocks are practical. Even if they are called lectures. Of course, two days is not enough to become a specialist. However, sometimes even one minute is enough for the emerging idea to change the whole approach to practice.
Discussing the spine, we will consider a concept that allows you to turn any movement into a health practice that prolongs and maintains the health of this vital system. There will be a theory that meets practice will become a tangible skill.

A set of exercises for the feet will also be offered in combination with theoretical information sufficient to explain any movement from the proposed sequence.
The beauty of Pilates is that it is very simple (when you know what you are doing), but a very effective remedy for a lot of health problems. We will also be talking about health problems.
Both topics have been read by me many times among specialists in the field of fitness, rehabilitation, healthcare, as well as studio clients and have always had a positive response.
I hope the event in Riga will not be an exception.

What audience do you focus on when creating programs?

Among our students you can meet not only Pilates teachers, but also psychologists, massage therapists, specialists in the field of fitness, yoga, martial arts, orthopedists and dentists, managers of fitness clubs and simply admirers of a healthy lifestyle.

What documents will receive the event? Can listening be considered a complete education?

2 days will allow you to get a decent amount of information. However, according to our standards, an introductory course of lectures, which includes a discussion of all parts of the body and recommended by us as preparation for starting to study the repertoire of Pilates exercises, lasts 5-6 days.
Therefore, in 2 days we will consider a third of this course, the rest we can offer to the attention of those interested during the next visit.

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