Zumba lessons are hot dance exercises that harmoniously combine movements from club latin, which includes bachata, salsa, samba, meringue and other directions. The zumba dance is quite young - it…

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TRX Loop Workout Programs
TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them. TRX is one…

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Roll Up – Twisting the Spine

In twisting the spine, flexion of the spine with stabilization of the center is combined with muscle control to build the spine and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Step 1
Place your palms in the pockets of the CORE Band. Lie on the mat, straighten your legs, hands on the floor behind the head. Press each vertebra to the floor. Raise your hands a few centimeters above the floor, stretching the tape. Inhale and raise your hands to the ceiling, using the muscles of the upper back and covering the front of the chest. While exhaling, nod your head, raise your neck and shoulders above the floor and continue twisting, slowly and with control. Pull the stomach to the spine and continue to move along the rim of the wheel, raising the body.

Step 2
Inhale and bring the torso over your legs, reach with your fingertips to the toes, shoulders opposite the ears. Stretch forward from the pelvis and exhale, keeping the abdominal muscles taut to the spine, shoulders pushed away from the ears. Keep the tape tension. Point your feet at yourself and push them to the mat.

Step 3
Inhale and begin to unwind back onto the mat, extending the body in the opposite direction from the legs. Exhale and press your back to the floor vertebra behind the vertebra. Exhale once more stretching and laying out the spine, shoulders, neck and head on the floor.

The purpose of the exercise.
The purpose of this movement is to lay the spine on the floor while maintaining maximum control over the abdominal muscles. It may take years to fully master this movement, but it significantly improves body alignment and allows you to maintain the functional strength of the abdominal muscles. Always try to keep your lower body still and pressed to the floor. Additional stretching of the tape will help activate the center muscles and maximize the quality of the articulation of the spine. Breathe deeply to better connect your abdominal muscles.

Open Leg Rocker – Rocking Chair
The strength of the center muscles and mobility of the spine are tested with this classic Pilates exercise. CORE Band helps you maintain your body shape and roll smoothly.

Step 1
Sit on the mat. Bend your knees and place your feet in the central pocket of the tape. Stretch your pocket with your feet. Place your palms in the extreme pockets of the tape. Straighten your legs to the ceiling, placing them in the shape of the letter V.

Step 2
Round your back by pulling the lower abdomen inward and upward. Inhale while continuing to round the torso and roll onto the shoulder blades, keeping your arms straight. While rolling, stretch your legs parallel to the floor above your head. Do not lower your head to the floor, keep it in line with the spine, do not let the head initiate movement.

Step 4
Exhale and return to the starting position. Keep your balance, your stomach tucked up and your pelvis tilted back. Hands are straight throughout the exercise. Never roll above the shoulder blades.

Exercise goal
Full coordination of the work of the abdominal muscles and flexibility of the spine. If you have a dominant side of the body or any muscle imbalances, then with a roll they are very easy to notice due to the appearance of uneven rolling. A prerequisite for this exercise is the ability to perform exercises such as Roll-Up, Rolling Like A Ball

Saw – Saw
Controlled, steady movements are smooth, continuous movements. Nothing should be stiff or pinched. This movement occurs in the waist, lengthens the back of the thighs, back muscles. This is an ideal stretch draw when it is performed with precision and concentration. Using the CORE Band gives the exercise additional oppositely directed stretching.

Sit on the mat and stretch your legs forward, slightly wider than the hip joints. Place your palms in the pockets of the CORE Band. Raise your arms to shoulder level and stretch the tape to the sides, as if trying to reach the opposite walls. Point your feet at yourself, firmly press your feet to the floor from the buttocks to the heels.
Turn right at the waistline, keeping your chest closed and arms at shoulder level. Raise your left hand up to the ceiling. Pull the abdominal muscles in and up and reach for the fingers of the right foot with your left hand. Extend your right hand for yourself.

Keep your abdominal muscles taut while maintaining the opposite direction of movement, as if you had a wide elastic band stretched at your waist and someone was pulling it behind your back.
Make 8 soft pulsating sawing movements.
Return to the sitting position and raise your left hand to the ceiling.
Return to the center using the muscles of the power source and turn the body to the other side.
Repeat exercise 4 times, changing sides.
Perform one complete respiratory cycle by turning the torso to the side.
Raise your hand while breathing. Exhaling, stretch forward above the leg.
On pulsating movements, double inhale and exhale.
Return to the sitting position while inhaling and while exhaling, bring your hands to shoulder level.
Use the full respiratory cycle to return the body to the center.
Keep both sciatic tubercles evenly pressed against the mat.

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