“The structure meets the function” Leopold Buske.
Can changing a function change the structure? Everything is possible if you set a goal and follow it. Having received a specific global task, all structures and processes are instantly…

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Kegel exercises
Keeping the upright position, press the spine firmly against the back of the chair. Spread your pelvis and head in opposite directions. Position the pelvis clearly in the center of…

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9 myths about Pilates
Pilates is for women only. Pilates was originally created by a man (Joseph Pilates) for men. Pilates himself was a boxer and circus artist, he trained Scotland Yard and the…

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One meeting – two different experiences

Willow Mazzoleni:
If someone tried to explain to me what I should expect from my first meeting with Mary Bowen, I would never have believed it. So it is, and to this day, it is something like a journey through its own back streets.

I first met Mary at her Workshop in Zurich on how to “free the spine” and “Pilates plus Psycho”. Her unusual way of showing respect for the needs of the body, by releasing all its parts along its entire length, was directly related to me. From the very first meeting, I saw how much we need to allow ourselves to RELEASE so that the Pilates technique begins to work miracles. In just a few minutes, Mary changed people’s postures with the right, in a word, the right touch or just the right intention. How she succeeded was a real mystery for me, and it became interesting for me to learn more about all this!

A year later, from the first meeting with Mary, my friend, Katya Smirnova, invited me to share my experience – to work together for three days under the guidance of Mary Bowen at her home in Northampton, USA. Then my Pilates got involved in something that I would not believe existed.

Every day we spent together and separately, working with the depths of the psyche. Her “Jungian approach” tied together some things in the depths of me, which helped free my body like nothing had happened before. However, the best part of these three days and its magical approach to teaching us, as individuals, is the result, which continues to manifest itself after time (years) at a very deep subconscious level. This concept was very new to me, because before I always needed to understand everything inside my little mind

Why does her approach work wonders?
Because her work truly meets you where you are in your life and in Pilates. She teaches you to recognize your strengths and helps grow out of your weaknesses. For us, teachers, it is fundamentally important to understand and address this understanding when working with clients.

Mary in a special way changes the connection of your internal springs and stresses in the body, which teaches you to balance and release tension in the right places. Her approach touches deeply on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Joseph called it the interaction of body, mind, and spirit.

Thanks to Mary, the concept of the interaction of the body of the mind and spirit has acquired a new meaning for me.
None of the Pilates masters could help me better than Mary understand the statement of Romana Kryzanovskaya: “… if you are truthful with Pilates, Pilates will be truthful with you …”

Ekaterina Smirnova:
Iva and I, as sisters, understand each other with a half-gesture, a half-look. However, Mary described us as complete opposites in terms of her approach. I can subscribe to every word of Willow, but my experience has a slightly different perspective.

My body was never distinguished by the accumulation of constraints and restraints on a physical level. Rather, extreme manifestations of freedom are characteristic of him. Therefore, the concept of “letting go” and “liberating” at the physical level, which I met during Mary’s Workshop at one of the RMA Conferences, did not sound relevant to me. Nevertheless, Mary’s talent left me with a deep impression on reaching the very depths of every person, even in an environment far from private, as everything happened in an audience full of people to capacity.
Mary’s ability to “see” a man looked mystical. She didn’t seem to do anything special, she simply asked the person to come up, asked a couple of joking questions, made it possible to answer without special provocations to frankness, a couple of looks, an inadvertently told story from the life of “one of the old clients” – and, the person is changing before our eyes, deeply experiences what is happening, receives an important response for himself, which is understandable only to him.

The need to learn more, interest, especially to Mary herself, became the reason for me, to find the opportunity to come to her for individual work. On one of these trips, we went with Willow.
I did not have obvious expectations, an internal request for help, a clear desire to learn something specific – I came to Mary to find out about her myself. Letting me know myself, Mary led me to the place where the most unexpected meeting for me took place – a meeting with herself.
My experience of interacting with Mary has nothing to do with exercises or sensations directly related to changes at the physical level. Thanks to Mary, I learned to perceive a meeting with each client as an opportunity to see the world through his eyes.

There are no more situations in which “give up” due to the fact that the client does not see the point in the “depth” of information that you offer, that the result of the client is not what the teacher wants to see, that it is not clear why this lovely lady does not understand fifteen hundred times, what is to straighten your elbows.

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