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“Survival Strategy” in long flights with Pilates

The last few years I had to spend a lot of time on airplanes, quite often flights were long (8-10 hours) and at first I carried them quite hard. And this is considering my good health, relatively young age and high level of physical activity. While traveling, I watched people and myself, and as a result I developed a not complicated “survival” strategy in a long journey.
We begin by considering the basic tests that the body undergoes during the journey, turn them into Pilates exercises and hone the skill of conscious stay in the body.

1. Dress code

Considering all the tests that you put your body on the road, it makes sense to take care of comfortable
clothes and shoes, carefully considering what should be put on the road. If so far this item does not seem important enough to you, skip it. You yourself will want to return to it later.

Choice of clothes:
– Avoid tight, squeezing clothes and shoes.
– A tight belt, tight jeans in the waist and hip joints can cause significant harm, squeezing important lines of blood flow. Tight jeans immediately cover 3 important areas: knees, hips and crotch, waist (abdomen). The outflow of blood from the lower extremities in the aircraft is so difficult, and here still hard tissue compresses the vessels and capillaries.

With varicose veins, such clothing is contraindicated, but you should not abuse it also for those who have no problems with venous outflow, so as not to provoke its appearance.
In addition to blood vessels, jeans can harm nerves. Nerves are squeezed as a result of the resulting swelling of the body.
– Shoes with heels, as well as slippers and ballet shoes – a sore subject. There is nothing better than ordinary canvas slippers or simple (without sophisticated foot fixation systems) sneakers. If you are uncomfortable in shoes, then the whole body will suffer, deforming, to compensate for the abnormal work of the feet. Men should also avoid uncomfortable hard model shoes and very sophisticated sneaker models that limit foot mobility.

2. Baggage
The lighter the better – this is obvious. Any baggage, especially heavier than 3 kg, can have a significant impact on the condition of the body.
Hand luggage is the main pest to health. This relatively small bag is the longest on the shoulder. Even when the bag travels on wheels next to its owner, it still forces his whole body to make asymmetric movements under the influence of a decent weight. Even a trained person who knows how to lift weights in the gym can do significant harm to himself by unknowingly moving luggage. What can we say about risk groups: elderly people, adolescents, pregnant women and women some time after pregnancy, people with certain physical limitations.

Body reactions:
Asymmetric loading leads to the appearance of pronounced muscle imbalances, as a result of which any “weaknesses” of the musculoskeletal system are exposed to increased load: violation of the organization of the position of the head and shoulder girdle in space leads to stiffness, and often to muscle spasms of the collar zone, as a result there are pains in the cervical and thoracic spine, “backache” in the scapula, intercostal neuralgia, headaches, swelling of the face and hands.

The hands, especially the one that holds the heaviest longer, can react with the appearance of the “working brush” syndrome or become another drop in the process of acquiring this unpleasant disease.
The sacrum and lower back as a result of asymmetric squeezing and weakening of the center muscles (pelvic floor muscles, deep muscles of the abdomen and spine) can react with the appearance of unpleasant pulling sensations, acute pain or simply “heaviness” in the back. You should save your intervertebral discs, providing them with unloading and a sufficient amount of fluid.

Try to monitor the position of the head and shoulders during movement: the shoulder blades and sternum are directed down, the crown is up, the shoulder joints are apart from the spine (located in the plane of the ears). A slightly tightened lower abdomen will help keep the spine stable.
It is important to ensure the freedom of movement of fluids in the area of ​​the hip joints, so the skill of standing the feet and pelvis is of particular importance. You should stand at 3 points of the foot connected by arches, it is better to position the pelvis so that it is on the vertical axis between the feet and the head. Stretch an imaginary web between the tip of the nose, the xiphoid process and the pubic bone, and keep the web tight all the time.

3. Passport control.
It happens that this, in general, insignificant segment of the path takes a lot of time. On average 15 minutes we stand in line for passport control. Looking at how people stand in line (not only at passport control), I can hardly restrain myself from saying loudly: “People, why don’t you love yourself so much ?!

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