“The structure meets the function” Leopold Buske.
Can changing a function change the structure? Everything is possible if you set a goal and follow it. Having received a specific global task, all structures and processes are instantly…

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Pilates using a Stretch-eze
Stretch-eze® is the invention of a Pilates teacher from the United States, a former professional dancer, Kimberly Dye, who was praised in 2007 for fitness and travel products. Stretch-eze® is…

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Pilates using the CORE Band
Today, a group lesson in the Pilates system is very different from the same class several years ago, because a lot of new equipment has appeared - rings, balls, rubber…

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No – if your goal:

– the podium of the championship in bodybuilding and fitness or other similar competitions;
– significant muscle volume, targeted study of large, superficial muscle groups;
– losing weight in a short time;
– an active, fast pace of training, a feeling of exhaustion after class (for many, this is really an important point, allowing you to feel that you have “plowed” to the result).

YES – if your goal is:

– a slender, toned body, muscle tone without excess muscle volume;
– the study of not only the superficial, but also the deep muscles that make up the corset for proper posture, as well as ensuring the good functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system and excellent intermuscular coordination;
– symmetrical development of the body, strengthening the body, taking into account its proper postural alignment and natural bending of the spine;
– strength combined with endurance, flexibility and maintaining the health of the spine and joints;
– maintaining muscle tone and general health during periods of forced limitations of physical activity: pregnancy, injuries, certain types of diseases.

So, you like Pilates, but it’s as if you don’t have enough … You feel that Pilates has a beneficial effect on your health, you have gone away for years of pain, gone tired at the end of the day, you are full of energy and … you want more! You start to wonder – how else would I lose weight? And quite quickly. Here by the summer. And it’s better to get a cast, beautiful body. How to feel muscle pain after classes, real fatigue – all these usual attributes of strength training. You do not believe that without them a result is possible.

Option 1 – combine!

Pilates + Gym / Cardio training / Dancing …

Additional classes will really bring your weight loss at times and give you the feeling that you have “plowed” (although it is possible in Pilates). This is really a great option, which we ourselves use!

It is important to understand that without Pilates, work in the gym or group fitness training in most cases exacerbate the body’s distortions and deviations from proper posture, negatively affect the joints and are an additional exhausting factor for the body after a working day or week. And it does not depend on the coach who works with you. The problem is your inability to control your body so far, the body’s inability to work properly.

Pilates will allow you to work with large weights or in the fast heart rate mode competently and consciously, “impose” the load on previously prepared joints, ligaments, muscles and a properly aligned body.

This will allow you to enjoy both a beautiful body and health at the same time!

Option 2 – choose the optimal Pilates training regimen!

The level of load and the complexity of the exercises in Pilates is absolutely universal – from the most sparing options for people with serious health problems to almost acrobatic studies and powerful effects on the whole body for athletes and athletes.

Let’s take a concrete real example.

Julia came to our studio with experience in the gym and in good physical shape. Accordingly, it was important for Yulia to feel the load, she wanted to further develop her body and see the result.

Gradually, in the course of work, we reached the optimal Pilates training regime: two group sessions per week and one personal. In group classes, Julia learns to work with her body as independently as possible, getting used to always moving consciously and competently. In personal trainings, we have the opportunity to add load, under the supervision of a trainer, perform more complex elements, work out its weak points, and once again adjust the technique of performing elements together. And then on the group, Julia again more independently develops the quality of her movements in order to use this in life.

According to Yulia, such a training regimen covered all her needs for a fitness load and made it possible to feel significant changes in her body condition. At the moment, the need for additional types of training for her has completely disappeared.

It is important to note that the initial consultation with the studio’s nutritionist showed that Julia’s diet was the most exemplary of all our clients, so nothing prevented us from getting the desired effect from the classes.

If nevertheless your task is to lose weight – no matter what training format you choose – you will have to adjust your diet! Without this, no type of activity will give you a full-fledged result, do not forget this.

For more detailed and specific information, contact the trainers and nutritionist of our studio – we will always be able to choose a training and nutrition regime that meets your goals!

Pilates using the CORE Band
Today, a group lesson in the Pilates system is very different from the same class several years ago, because a lot of new equipment has appeared - rings, balls, rubber…


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