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Caution! Baron Munchausen’s Syndrome in Pilates!

“Contrology is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. J.H. Pilates

This quote is the essence of the method, the meaning of practice. A harmoniously developed person is harmonious in everything: his body is healthy, his mind is calm, his thoughts are pure. We are all not perfect and everyone is faced with lessons that will have to be passed. Contrology (Pilates) is one of the ways that helps to take lessons with the least damage to oneself and others, and with a competent approach and with benefit. Staying in harmony does not happen once and for all, rather it is a condition in which the majority dwells sporadically. Well, if you can not “fly” out of it far and for long. This skill determines the skill level of a practitioner.

Ethics – as an indicator of the state of mind.

Even if our clients do not expect to see in their instructor a role model in all aspects of life, this does not mean that we can afford to keep in order only, for example, the body. The body, spirit, consciousness do not exist separately from each other, live in constant interaction and influence each other in a certain way.
People tend to embellish themselves, especially when it comes to resumes (written biographies). Often, teachers try to attract the attention of potential clients by writing fabulous resumes. Fairytale, more often because fairy tales are written there. Alas!
Unfortunately – and this is a fact! Many teachers sin by writing SEMI-TRUTH or outright lies, which, in their opinion, will allow them to look more profitable against the background of colleagues in the shop.

What are fairy tales fraught with?

Firstly, not a single client will continue to work with an instructor if, in addition to FAIRY TALES, he does not receive the expected result. A long list of teachers, which many Pilates teachers have managed to learn from, rarely includes the level of a document confirming listening to a particular course. Despite the fact that there is a huge difference between system education and listening to individual programs, as well as the status of pieces of paper confirming the presence of the program and documents confirming the passage of the knowledge control system, which is obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, the resumes are full of lists of episodic events at various events with a bias towards Pilates, not to mention the concealment of disadvantageous details in which it is difficult for a professional to separate valuable information from “water”.

Strange enough logic! After all, when we finish, for example, school, we don’t get documents about each individual lesson, and even listening to the subject, if we have not confirmed our knowledge by passing the exam. Well, we don’t write in the resume, usually that we listened to 2 hours in biology in the 6th grade of high school. Undoubtedly, an exam is not a guarantee of a high professional level, but it is part of the educational process and a chance to test yourself, which the student has not neglected.

The reason for this detailed list in the Pilates faculty resume is understandable – the growing competition, which arises only due to the public interest in the method, caused by the quality work of professionals in their field. It is like an arms race. Ah, that colleague of mine wrote that she was passing by Guru Senseevich, who was conducting a class in the next room, though without details, leaving only the name of the Guru. So, now I will write to the list of teachers of all whose names seem attractive to me. May I be cooler! I can still separately “write” all the topics of a standard tutorial. It looks more substantial than just laconic: “Pilates Teacher Diploma” according to the method of the recognized School.

Not understanding, at the same time, that such use of information harms not only the author himself, but the industry as a whole, underestimating the status of a profession and education in this field. After all, customers do not care how many names and topics listened to on the list. Most of them will never be interested in details and will not be asked to present the document, which is written in the summary. They just see that it seems that the person is SO! studied, but the result of the lesson still does not give. Well, that means, customers think, the Pilates system is not effective and does not suit me. I’ll go where I like it. Which, by the way, from the client’s side, is very sensible!

I have heard such conversations:

Instructor: Come today to Pilates!
Client: Thank you, but this is not mine. I would have something more effective – running, step, dancing in the end.
Instructor: Why? After all, yesterday you complained about a knee (back, shoulder, etc.)! Restore Pilates and then do your favorite sport, if the soul asks. You will go to Pilates for health and good shape, the body will acquire the skill not to destroy itself in the process of movement.
Client: I studied, it only got worse. Loss of time and money.
Instructor: Maybe the instructor is not quite literate caught?
Client: No! I was engaged in club X, on the super-duper cool equipment.
Instructor: Where did the Pilates instructor study? What is his qualification?
Client: I don’t know, but there’s a long list in the resume, a bunch of foreign names.

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