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Pilates using a Stretch-eze

Stretch-eze® is the invention of a Pilates teacher from the United States, a former professional dancer, Kimberly Dye, who was praised in 2007 for fitness and travel products. Stretch-eze® is an excellent equipment, the use of which helps the body to feel the movement in volume.
Today’s reality is that stress relief is an important component of work in any form of physical activity, which is based on health and functionality.

Pilates is a self-contained technique that does not need innovations, however, the pace of modern life often leads to the use of the Pilates method as just another type of fitness, which is much less than this wonderful system actually carries. The routine performance of the repertoire or its inept use, often leads to enslavement, instead of freedom, stiffness and fixation instead of stability, tightness and overload instead of grace. The Pilates program using Stretch-eze® allows you to restore the sometimes lost volume to the familiar Pilates exercises, thereby increasing the healing effect on the body, relieving stress, and giving you the pleasure of movement.

The Pilates program using this new product on the Ukrainian market will help highlight another facet of the Pilates technique – freedom of movement, liberating the body and releasing emotional blocks.
The repertoire of the Stretch-eze® program is applicable for group classes, personal and rehabilitation programs, work with children, the elderly and other categories of the population.

Why does it work?

The notorious imbalance, inharmonious state, out of balance, and the like are the reasons why a person acquires one or another pattern of movement of the physical body, which is a reflection of the same obvious pattern of movement of the mind.
The mind is structured in such a way that it is difficult for us to independently see the most characteristic patterns: the skill of movement, the way of thinking, the words parasites, the patterned reactions of the psyche, the imprints of behavior. Thus, we become uncharted territory for ourselves. The whole world around us is painted for us with those tones that are most active in the process of our own manifestations. As a result, it becomes quite difficult to see oneself, since “guidelines” are nothing more than an illusion created most often by our own reactions that are invisible to us. The body is no exception. Seeing your familiar movement pattern, even if it makes the movement ineffective, becomes a daunting task. This forces the body to use the found compensation method and leads to an overload of all its parts.

Pilates Studio Equipment very effectively helps to correct this situation, as it provides unambiguous objective landmarks in space that have a clear material image. A harmoniously constructed exercise program, subject to its competent execution, ultimately leads to a volumetric perception of oneself in space, building a more objective system of perception of the surrounding world.
This is a painstaking work requiring long and persistent practice.

Stretch-eze® is the simplest external reference that allows you to awaken receptors that supply the mind with information about the dimensions of their own body. This important tool makes the work more accurate and leads to a reduction in the time interval necessary for the high-quality development of elements of the Pilates technique.

The use of Stretch-eze® in combination with the principles of the Joseph Pilates method improves coordination, removes muscle blocks and hypertonicity, and reduces physical inhibition; increasing stress resistance, it stimulates the balanced functioning of such vital systems as respiration, blood circulation, and the endocrine system. As a result, the emotional load associated with the imbalance of the hormonal system caused by exposure to physical blocks is reduced.

The effectiveness of using Stretch-eze® directly depends on the depth of understanding of healthy movement and requires the instructor to know the basics of the Pilates method, experience in using the method in working with people. Nevertheless, the use of simple sets of exercises specifically designed for using Stretch-eze® at home will help anyone to achieve excellent results in dealing with common problems such as:

– tension of the collar zone (instability of the cervical spine, headaches, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, etc.)
– Activation of the Center (prevention of lower back pain, prevention of the appearance of intervertebral hernias and other problems with the spine)
– Improving posture (reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system, strengthening the entire body)
– violations of the pattern of respiration (stress reduction, getting rid of hypertonicity and depression, stabilization of normal body weight).

Pilates using a Stretch-eze
Stretch-eze® is the invention of a Pilates teacher from the United States, a former professional dancer, Kimberly Dye, who was praised in 2007 for fitness and travel products. Stretch-eze® is…


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