Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement?
Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement? Pilates, Pilates with balls, Pilates on Reformers, Pilates for a healthy back, Pilates for athletes and what other Pilates you…

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Pilates exercises - principles
The coordination of breathing with movement is one of the principles of the oldest systems of physical exercises, such as yoga, tai chi, wu-shu, qi-gun. Pilates takes this principle for…

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New Pilates at 70
Every year, the approach to Pilates changes for those who follow the system. The work of young people is very different from the work of a mature person, and that…

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We are going to workout correctly

Exercising is a great opportunity to keep your body fit. If this is your first time going to a fitness club or gym, be sure to bring along everything you need.
Exercising is a great opportunity to keep your body fit. If this is your first time going to a fitness club or gym, be sure to bring along everything you need. Many people fill bags with extra things that only add extra strain to the back and arms. Let’s figure out how to pack your bag in the gym.

Backpack or sports bag – which is better

Manufacturers today offer the widest range of sports accessories that accommodate many compartments for compact storage of personal items. The choice should be based on convenience. The load on the back will be more correctly distributed if you choose a backpack. However, not everyone is comfortable wearing things behind their backs. In this case, choose a compact roomy bag. The combined option will be ideal, which can be easily used both as a backpack and as a bag.

What should be the sports uniform

It is impossible to imagine a productive workout in a dress or skinny jeans. The first thing you should put in a bag before fitness is a sports uniform. It is advisable to correctly approach the selection of each element of the form. Clothing for sports must be comfortable and practical. When performing active movements or stretching, it should not break. It is equally important that your body can cool in a timely manner, which means that it is better to choose clothes that absorb sweat well and quickly evaporate moisture. For training, you can buy cotton clothes, but be prepared for the fact that a feeling of heaviness and humidity will be present constantly. Athletes who train regularly choose specialized sports synthetics, which have a number of important characteristics:

very elastic – stretches in different directions, allowing you to make movements of any orientation;

keeps its shape well – elastic lazin and t-shirts do not lose their shape, even after washing and repeated use;

absorbs sweat well and does not create a feeling of heaviness;

It is relatively inexpensive;

has a long service life;

sits well on the figure.

If you are not sure which particular type of fabric is best for you – experiment. Come to training in a tracksuit made of natural fabric or synthetics, and you will immediately understand whether this form suits you or not.

Buying the Right Training Sneakers

High-quality shoes are the most important element in the equipment of any athlete. Sneakers are best suited for fitness and sports. Externally, you can pick up any model. The main condition is convenience. It is better for the upper fabric to be breathable. The dense surface of the fabric, which does not allow air to pass through, creates the feeling of a steam room, which is not very good for the health of the foot. The sole should be easily bent. Ideally, sneakers should be lightweight and practical. Consider specialized soft-tissue sports models with tight ankle support.

Gloves and accessories
When working with gym equipment in the gym, gloves are simply irreplaceable. It is also worth taking them with you if you go to group classes with various equipment – dumbbells, rugs, hula-hoops, etc. This will allow you to feel more comfortable in the exercise, prevent the palms from sliding off the handrail and observe personal hygiene. To protect their eyes from sweat, girls often wear a special bandage on their foreheads for training. Such a small detail is very relevant if you do not want to run around all the time for a towel or wipe your forehead with napkins.

Water always accompanies the athlete. So that you do not have to suffer with caps, you can purchase a fitness bottle, which is equipped with a special cap. Such products are presented in various colors and allow you to always carry the required volume of liquid.

Hygiene Supplies
Almost any fitness club is equipped with a modern shower, sometimes a sauna or a Finnish bath. The fact is that the body, during training, loses a lot of harmful substances that escape through sweat. As soon as you finish training, it is better to visit a shower, wash off unpleasant waste products, which will allow you to cheer up and refresh yourself.

To go to the shower with you must have:

a set of removable linen;


shampoo, soap, shower gel;

shoes for the shower;


To go to the gym, everyone should have 2 towels with them – one for going to the shower, the second – for use during exercise. If your form provides for open spaces on the body, then in contact with rugs and exercise equipment, you should use a towel. Of course, if you live in 2 steps, you can do without a shower in the hall, but in other cases you should not neglect this procedure.

Do you need headphones in the hall

Many beginners bring players and headphones to the hall.

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