Gym Activities
The gym attracts many, both beginners and professional athletes. As a rule, people starting to practice want to immediately see the result of their work. But, as practice shows, the…

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Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement?
Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement? Pilates, Pilates with balls, Pilates on Reformers, Pilates for a healthy back, Pilates for athletes and what other Pilates you…

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CAN PILATES LESSONS REPLACE COMPLETE POWER TRAINING? No - if your goal: - the podium of the championship in bodybuilding and fitness or other similar competitions; - significant muscle volume,…

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TRX Loop Workout Programs

TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them.
TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them.
Unknown TRX
Translated – as the general resistance of the body (Total Body Resistance Exercises). But the semantic load is somewhat different from the literal interpretation from English – this is work in the hall without any sports equipment. TRX training involves working with your weight using hanging loops. The correct name is TRX Suspension Training.

The technique of working on a suspended structure reached the level of professional exercises only a few years ago. Although it was invented back in 1990. And strangely enough, neither the athlete, nor the trainer, but the marine R. Hetrix became the inventor of the new technique of physical exercises. The main goal of the exercises was to maintain excellent physical condition, provided the room was very cramped, and there were no simple trainers. And he dealt with what is available – with parachute loops. Over time, such a system of physical activity began to be popularized among athletes, and later among representatives of the field of fitness and aerobics. The popularity of a random invention grew exponentially, gaining a huge number of fans.

Loop training – focus

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep the body in good condition. Not many people have the opportunity to go to exercise machines, to fitness centers. TRX loops are a great chance for both home workouts and the gym to:

Develop all muscle groups;

strengthen ligaments and tendons;

improve flexibility, agility, endurance and strength.

In addition, TRX-training helps to normalize vestibular functions, effectively develops muscle stabilizers.

Exercise without axial vertebral load is suitable for age groups of both sexes. Moreover, people with disabilities engage in TRX loops without harm.

The hinges for TRX are adjustable in height, it is also possible to correct the stabilization coefficient – you can facilitate, complicate the intensity of the exercises. TRX is applicable in Pilates, strength and cardio training, exercise therapy, etc.

The benefits and differences from other types of training

TRX training has a lot of advantages over other complexes:

Ease of installation of the simulator. No special installation instructions are needed. To start the exercises, you will have to find a pole or horizontal bar, a powerful tree branch or a punching bag hook will also do.

Compactness. You can do it even on the smallest area – this has become possible thanks to the compactness of the mini-simulator, the weight of which does not exceed a kilogram. You can take it with you and exercise where you have to.

Strength. The material from which the loops for TRX are made allows people with a weight of up to 180 kg to exercise on the simulator.

Thrift. Be prepared for the fact that the cost of the loops is quite high. But if you analyze the cost of visiting gyms – the savings are significant. And besides, loops are acquired forever, which is another plus.

Free training programs. Often in the kit you will receive training video lessons. In addition, finding a master class in TRX is easy in the Internet space.

It is also worth noting that for TRX training there are no restrictions on physical features. Moreover, many physiotherapists recommend them to everyone who has problems with the vertebral system.

What are the training programs
Exercises on the TRX simulators are universal, and there are a lot of them. Many sets of exercises have been developed, each of which has a specific goal. Classical workouts can be considered programs for beginners, endurance exercises, circular workouts.

Exercises for the program “For beginners” are suitable even for that category of novice athletes who have never played sports. Training lasts no more than 50 minutes. Before starting, it is necessary to perform a warm-up, during which all joints should warm up and all muscles stretch. Between sets, breathing and heart rate should return to normal. Note that for paired limbs, it is important that each exercise is performed identically for each limb in a pair. The optimal number of accomplishments of such a workout is 3-4 times weekly, but 2 times will be enough for a start.

Workouts “Endurance” are intended for beginners, with minimal physical training. Performed on average 2 times a week. Athletes, ordinary amateurs with little training are offered a combination of training with interval or strength. The program provides for the implementation of 3 complex exercises, with a break between the complexes. The cycle and number of repetitions is determined based on the level of training. This approach contributes to weight loss.

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TRX Loop Workout Programs
TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them. TRX is one…


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