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How to choose clothes and shoes for Pilates

The well-known fitness technique developed by Joseph Pilates combined elements from ballet, yoga and isometric exercises. On the crest of the wave of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and instilling the right habits, the complex is gaining more and more followers. Pilates can be done by people of any age.
The well-known fitness technique developed by Joseph Pilates combined elements from ballet, yoga and isometric exercises. On the crest of the wave of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and instilling the right habits, the complex is gaining more and more followers. Pilates can be done by people of any age. The technique is designed to increase flexibility, and can be used even by those who have had serious injuries or injuries. Classes to improve coordination and maintaining balance are carried out in the walls of the gym or at home on their own.
Before the first training session, you need to prepare only a set of clothes and shoes. It is important to choose a form so that it does not hinder movements, and it was convenient to repeat different exercises in it. What are the requirements for Pilates clothes? Do I need special shoes for classes? Let’s get it together.

A convenient form of clothing for training under the Pilates program

Those who are not familiar with Pilates are allowed to come in a standard tracksuit. However, this is not the most comfortable outfit option. Those wishing to improve their health and work on their bodies efficiently, doing the fitness complex regularly, should take care of the availability of special clothing.

The form must meet the following requirements:

to be tight, but free;

not too dirty or easy to wash;

Do not crush, do not fold;

the material from which the clothes are made should “breathe” and stretch well.

Most exercises are performed from a sitting or standing position on the floor. Do not pick things up close so as not to spoil them while stretching. Almost all the elements of the complex develop flexibility, in order to stretch as it should, a moderately spacious and elastic outfit will be needed. At the same time, do not go to extremes, because the form of the hoodie type will interfere with the coach, monitor the accuracy of the task.

Which fabric to prefer?
Is it possible to look stylish while playing sports? How to combine convenience and attractive appearance? Choose comfortable pants and a T-shirt made of natural materials:




spandex and others.

Please note that without adding a small fraction of synthetic fibers, the product can stretch, lose shape after washing. Thus, 5-10% of additives are allowed that will improve tissue elasticity. Properly selected clothing fits the body beautifully, while not restricting movements. Ageless classics – a set for classes of nylon and spandex.

Pilates Shape Tips

A standard set of clothes consists of leggings and a T-shirt. The choice of shade is not significant, but it is better if the objects are harmoniously combined in color or pattern. Be sure to try on an outfit before your purchase! The main criteria for choosing:

The length of the T-shirt covers the lower back, does not interfere with the approaches.

The shape matches your size. There is no need to take clothes more than a couple of sizes, it will crawl, and distract from exercise.

Give preference to a simple cut without additional elements (curly stripes, decorative pockets, rivets, protrusions, buttons, laces).

To freely stretch without worrying about how it looks from the side, the neckline should be closed.

Choose opaque shorts of medium length, about to the knee. For home workouts, short shorts are also suitable.

Ordinary direct “sports” are extremely inconvenient for Pilates classes, they are more suitable for running. Replace them with any sports leggings.

Women are often interested in the issue of selection of underwear. For training, the best option is a sports bra that supports the chest and does not cause inconvenience when performing exercises, and even serves for a long time. A worthy replacement for a regular bra – a seamless bra, is also appropriate for Pilates classes. Ordinary underwear can cause injury or discomfort due to metal bones.

Regarding the selection of men’s clothing, we note that it is better to have a tight fit than loose-fitting things. For example, a tank top with tank top, running leggings, elastic shorts or bicycle breeches from the bottom. The main thing is that the outfit should be comfortable and not distract from the concentrated implementation of approaches.

Do I need Pilates shoes?

We figured out the clothes, now let’s move on to choosing shoes for classes. Rather, giving it up. Yes, for many this will come as a surprise, but it is recommended that you do barefoot training. To feel great and not interfere with blood flow, experts advise to postpone the purchase of sneakers, and enjoy the freedom of movement.

But if you are engaged not in a home setting, but in a fitness room, the issue of shoes is more of a hygienic one.

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