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Why weight can increase after training
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Why weight can increase after training

Some people who live by the rules of healthy eating, the correct regimen and rest, go in for sports, attend gyms, and go to fitness. At first glance, a feeling of lightness appears, determination is developed, but when it comes to weighing, it turns out that the weight does not go away, but rather arrives.

According to all the rules and laws, weight should go away after training, why are people faced with the opposite effect?

Many representatives of the fair sex painfully react to such situations. Young people also encounter this, but the situation is different: after all, most men visit gymnasiums in order to build muscle. Therefore, weight gain is not a reason for them to be upset. Women enroll in sports clubs for effective and quick weight loss, in other words, to reduce weight due to energy consumption in the classroom. But the weight does not want to leave.

We will name the main reasons why many people have increased weight after training:
Muscle swelling
A common reason why body weight increases after playing sports. During the first month after intense loads on the muscles, water accumulates in them. As a result, muscles increase their volume, and a person gains weight. Sometimes people mistakenly associate this phenomenon with muscle growth. Due to the natural physiological characteristics, it is difficult for women to build even a kilogram of muscle. Athletes who can boast of inflated biceps, as a rule, use male hormones and use drugs aimed at accelerating muscle growth. As a result, the hormonal background changes in the direction of the male, so you should not hope that in three sessions the muscles will grow by 1 kg. In the process of standard training, muscle growth almost does not occur, so this is another reason for concern. The maximum that you will achieve is muscle tone and a raised body.

Human weight is the mass complex of all components of the body:

Nerve fibers
Various fabrics
After a standard workout, the ratio of all these components changes by about 15%. And intense training greatly affects the variability of the indicator on the scales. Body weight varies depending on muscle inflammation, krepatura, which occurs immediately after the first visits to the hall.

How to deal with it?

Since this is a natural process that occurs in the body, nothing can be done about it. Give the muscles a few weeks to adapt and recover, and you will notice that weight will begin to decline. In this case, the most important thing is not to be afraid of weights and continue to play sports.

If calorie intake exceeds diet
Sometimes the cause of primary weight gain is compensatory nutrition. As a rule, on average, training allows you to burn up to 500 kcal. And this is just a small piece of cake or cake. If you eat more than the body can absorb, this by itself will not make it possible to get rid of excess kg. Even intense training will be powerless.

The same applies to compensation from the series “gain strength for an evening workout.” Of course, for training, strength is needed unambiguously. But do not forget about maintaining a balance. If your goal is losing weight, remember that you need to eat less food than energy. People tend to underestimate the number of calories and overestimate their efforts.

How to be

Be sure to need power control! Ideally, learn how to calculate your calories. The success of losing weight by 80% depends on the correctness of the diet, and only the remaining 20% ​​is assigned to sports. Keep a personal food diary, record calories, minimize fats. Alas, only a gym without adjusted nutrition will not allow you to get the perfect figure.

A few recommendations for effective training:

Whatever the numbers on the scales, do not despair
Watch your diet closely
At the end of the lesson, take time to stretch
Do not be afraid of training, even if the first time the weight will increase
Take regular volume measurements and monitor body changes.

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