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Gym or group exercises: what to choose?

If you intend to attend a sports club, you must immediately decide what suits you best: a gym or group exercises for weight loss. We will talk about what gives a better result and what suits a beginner in our article.

Group training: advantages and disadvantages
Many modern sports clubs conduct classes in groups covering from 15 to 30 participants. The training is conducted by professional instructors. Directions can be very diverse:

Cycle Training

Suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness. Consequently, even a novice will be comfortable with the team. A simulator, on the contrary, will require an initial knowledge of fitness.
The training is supervised by a professional instructor, he exercises control over the correct execution of exercises, which eliminates possible injuries.
During the group lesson, everyone is in a stable tone, and while practicing on simulators, people are often distracted and involuntarily reduce the load.
The ability to choose a variety of fitness programs, among which there is always the best and most suitable for you.
Even if a person already has certain knowledge of the field of fitness, as a team, he will be able to expand his horizons and learn new techniques.
Getting a charge of powerful motivation: looking at others, a person strives for self-improvement and give all the best.

A few words about the shortcomings:

As a rule, most sports studios provide a limited number of programs for group training. In addition, the choice of instructors is not always provided.
The cost of such programs significantly exceeds the price for visiting the simulator.
You cannot set a training schedule on your own, as groups work out at certain times on specific days. Therefore, participants must adapt to the appointed time.
Additional inconvenience may arise due to the fact that there is a limit on the number of people who can be engaged at the same time.
Team training is ideal even for an untrained person. But some restrictions in directions and a strict schedule can create inconvenience.

Gym: advantages and disadvantages

As the people say, “simulator” is a whole complex of power, cardio simulators, sports equipment and shells. Here you will find everything you need to play sports effectively. Below we consider the advantages and disadvantages of visits to the gym without a personal instructor.

Let’s start with the benefits:

Wide choose. You can choose a simulator based on remoteness from home, equipment and even interior design.
You set your own schedule, and do not focus on anyone.
You get the opportunity to adjust the degree of load yourself. Duration is also set only by you.
You can come at any time, visits are not regulated by time.
You can develop and make adjustments to your program yourself, add or remove exercises from the plan. Stagnation is excluded, as you yourself add variety. In the group, this does not depend on the participants, since the plan is developed by the instructor.
The halls are often visited by people with an advanced level of sports training. And in groups newcomers are more common. Therefore, focusing on the ideal figures of professionals, you will receive additional motivation and desire for a better result.
A simulator subscription will cost you less than a group lesson.
What are the disadvantages:

For beginners, the difficulty lies in the independent study of the basic principles of fitness and exercise on sports equipment. This will require not only personal time, but also desire.
Without a personal trainer, no one will control you and monitor the quality of the exercises. Therefore, the technique may suffer.
Sometimes there are situations when the simulator you need is simply busy. The problem is relevant for visitors who work in the evening after work, when there is a full house in the studio.
Since the responsibility of adjusting and controlling the load lies with the athlete, there is a chance that the exercises will not be fully implemented.
Thus, the simulator is more suitable for people who prefer independent classes.

So, we decide what will bring more benefits and become more effective – a hall or an activity in a group. Of course, this is an individual choice, but we offer some tips:

It is better for beginners to start in a group: a ready-made program and the qualified help of an experienced instructor will allow you to quickly penetrate into the world of fitness.
If you are not satisfied with the strict schedule of group training, it is better to choose a simulator.
If you are for saving money, choose a simulator. Fitness in the group will be more expensive, and it is also worth considering a limited number of visits.
If there is no motivation and incentive for fitness, it is better to choose a group. Team motivation is a powerful tool.
Ideally, you can alternate between two types of visits.

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