Modern Pilates - fascial Pilates, or - how “sticks” and “rubber bands” work
In the minds of many people (and coaches), the Pilates system seems to be training the abs and back. The person grabbed his back, for example, and the doctor says…

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"Survival Strategy" in long flights with Pilates
The last few years I had to spend a lot of time on airplanes, quite often flights were long (8-10 hours) and at first I carried them quite hard. And…

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A Guide for the Beginner Pilates Trainer
A healthy lifestyle, self-development are concepts that have closely entered our lives. The profession of a Pilates teacher becomes more and more popular. No wonder, because it combines a lot…

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providing your

And again about Pilates

Pilates not only involves all the muscle layers (as well as any other movement, the question is only in degree). With the help of Pilates, there is a CONSCIOUS effect on the deep muscles, which performs the function of support in the body for any movement, allowing it to occur with the least energy consumption.
Pilates is an original, unique and so multifaceted Method that yogis see yoga in it, martial artists see fighters in Joe, dancers dance, philosophers teach, physiotherapists use physiotherapy, psychologists use wisdom, etc. P.

Localization of the physical effect of the method on the human body is much more voluminous than the power house and the central axis. The basis of the method is the organization of the whole body, placing it in Continue reading

Gym Activities

The gym attracts many, both beginners and professional athletes. As a rule, people starting to practice want to immediately see the result of their work. But, as practice shows, the desired results do not come so quickly.

Moreover, the number of workouts does not play a role. Still need to think about the right diet and take into account the characteristics of the body.

How fast the first results will appear
Everyone who decides to play sports has his own individual goal. Some dream of losing weight, others want to create a beautiful attractive body, and others just like to spend time actively. For this reason, each visitor to the gym receives his personal program. Different people show results differently and at different times.

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What is cardio training

It would be logical to assume that cardio training is primarily an activity aimed at increasing endurance of the heart muscle. However, behind it lies much more effects on the body than you can imagine.

The benefits and harms of cardio
In general, cardio training contributes to:
Cardiovascular system
Increase overall body stamina
Increase lung volume
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Continue reading

Pilates breath
Inhale is the first act in our life, and the last exhale. We can say that breathing accompanies each of our steps like a shadow that you do not notice.…


Types of dance aerobics
Aerobics classes are a great way to quickly achieve an attractive figure and lose weight. Many clubs that have fitness aerobics combine standard sports programs with popular dance styles, which…


Fascinating Pilates: the benefits of classes and possible contraindications
Women do not get tired of looking for new ways to bring the figure to perfect condition. Pilates is a successful solution that helps to achieve amazing results in a…


Pilates using a Stretch-eze
Stretch-eze® is the invention of a Pilates teacher from the United States, a former professional dancer, Kimberly Dye, who was praised in 2007 for fitness and travel products. Stretch-eze® is…