Balanced Nutrition and Pilates
In a healthy person, three principles are organically connected - Physical, Intellectual (Consciousness, Mind) and Spiritual (Emotional, Moral). Thanks to the 6 basic principles of Polestar Pilates, we get a…

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CAN PILATES LESSONS REPLACE COMPLETE POWER TRAINING? No - if your goal: - the podium of the championship in bodybuilding and fitness or other similar competitions; - significant muscle volume,…

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Post-Travel Stress Exercise
1. Breathing lying on your back. Relax while lying on the floor. If necessary, lay a rolled towel under your head. Exhale. Start taking a calm breath in 8 counts.…

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rehabilitation after

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And again about Pilates

Pilates not only involves all the muscle layers (as well as any other movement, the question is only in degree). With the help of Pilates, there is a CONSCIOUS effect on the deep muscles, which performs the function of support in the body for any movement, allowing it to occur with the least energy consumption.
Pilates is an original, unique and so multifaceted Method that yogis see yoga in it, martial artists see fighters in Joe, dancers dance, philosophers teach, physiotherapists use physiotherapy, psychologists use wisdom, etc. P.

Localization of the physical effect of the method on the human body is much more voluminous than the power house and the central axis. The basis of the method is the organization of the whole body, placing it in Continue reading

TRX Loop Workout Programs

TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them.
TRX is one of the most popular types of training among fitness followers. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never give up on them.
Unknown TRX
Translated – as the general resistance of the body (Total Body Resistance Exercises). But the semantic load is somewhat different from the literal interpretation from English – this is work in the hall without any sports equipment. TRX training involves working with your weight using hanging loops. The correct name is TRX Suspension Training.

The technique of working on a suspended structure reached the level of professional exercises only a few years ago. Although it was invented back in 1990. And strangely enough, neither the athlete, nor the trainer, but the marine R. Hetrix became the inventor of the new technique of physical exercises. The Continue reading

Yoga for beginners

Many of us have heard something about yoga, however, we are sure that few have formed a sufficiently complete, and, most importantly, true idea of ​​this teaching. Yoga is not just exercises or meditations; it is a whole worldview and a set of steps on the path to perfecting the body and spirit. This is a whole science about how to bring your body and mind to a new level of development and self-awareness.

.Types of Yoga
In general terms, the following yoga techniques exist that are practiced both sequentially and in parallel:

Firstly, these are the most known asanas, or postures, roughly speaking – exercises aimed at Continue reading

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Roll Up - Twisting the Spine
In twisting the spine, flexion of the spine with stabilization of the center is combined with muscle control to build the spine and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Step 1 Place…


A Guide for the Beginner Pilates Trainer
A healthy lifestyle, self-development are concepts that have closely entered our lives. The profession of a Pilates teacher becomes more and more popular. No wonder, because it combines a lot…


Exercises for abdominal muscles
Keeping the position described above, feel the muscles of the pelvic floor. Inhale, relax the lower abdomen, exhale pull the lower abdomen to the spine, as if fastening tight jeans.…


Sports clubs for everyone
Exercising gives not only a good and attractive figure, but also good health, immunity, and this is especially true for large cities. Now fitness club can be found in any…