Gym Activities
The gym attracts many, both beginners and professional athletes. As a rule, people starting to practice want to immediately see the result of their work. But, as practice shows, the…

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Caution! Baron Munchausen's Syndrome in Pilates!
“Contrology is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. J.H. Pilates This quote is the essence of the method, the meaning of practice. A harmoniously developed person is…

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A Guide for the Beginner Pilates Trainer
A healthy lifestyle, self-development are concepts that have closely entered our lives. The profession of a Pilates teacher becomes more and more popular. No wonder, because it combines a lot…

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What is cardio training

It would be logical to assume that cardio training is primarily an activity aimed at increasing endurance of the heart muscle. However, behind it lies much more effects on the body than you can imagine.

The benefits and harms of cardio
In general, cardio training contributes to:
Cardiovascular system
Increase overall body stamina
Increase lung volume
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Pilates exercises – is the alignment of the whole body

The basis of this principle is the optimal distribution of loads on the musculoskeletal system (OA) under the influence of gravity. With the optimal position of the ODE, the joints and bones will experience less static-dynamic load, which helps to achieve maximum results in using the physical potential of the body.

Simply put, our body is created brilliantly. It is able to function for many decades with minimal wear, provided that it is used correctly. All our joints are congruent, that is, the shapes of the surfaces coincide. Between them there is a special lubricant. All this allows the joints to not wear out when working. But, very few people adhere to this principle. We see adolescents on the streets with their pants down and their shoulders stooped, and from that moment on, their congruency is already broken and wear begins, at 40 they are already patients of the clinics. Or, as a result of an injury, for a long time you were limping Continue reading


Zumba lessons are hot dance exercises that harmoniously combine movements from club latin, which includes bachata, salsa, samba, meringue and other directions. The zumba dance is quite young – it is about thirty years old, but its expressiveness and drive have won a huge number of fans around the world, moving it from just a set of exercises for losing weight to a popular dance style.

Over time, elements from classical and modern choreography, go-go and hip-hop were added to it, which Continue reading

Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement?
Is Pilates an underfitness or an original method of self-improvement? Pilates, Pilates with balls, Pilates on Reformers, Pilates for a healthy back, Pilates for athletes and what other Pilates you…


Spine Corrector
I am always very surprised when I visit the newly opened Pilates studio, which has the latest equipment in the world, but there is not a single spinal corrector. Once…


9 myths about Pilates
Pilates is for women only. Pilates was originally created by a man (Joseph Pilates) for men. Pilates himself was a boxer and circus artist, he trained Scotland Yard and the…


Modern Pilates - fascial Pilates, or - how “sticks” and “rubber bands” work
In the minds of many people (and coaches), the Pilates system seems to be training the abs and back. The person grabbed his back, for example, and the doctor says…